Apache is our 1954 Vintage Dalton Apache Trailer.

Dalton Apache.png

After two years scouring the internet for an affordable, titled, 1950’s Shasta Camper in good shape, we ended up with a Dalton Apache! Apache (formally named Rosie until we found out she wasn’t a Shasta —> hence why her Insta is @RosieTheGlamper) will be spending her future days as our family travel trailer & as a Glamper rental for weddings, events, festivals or photo shoots!

But first …. restoration!

Follow her full journey on Instagram HERE. Below are some of the highlights.

—> Before


Restoration & Rebuild

Restored Trailer & Interior Design ….. Coming Soon!

Meanwhile, you can find the series on her rebuild as follows:

Post 1 - Custom Herringbone Wood Floors

Our current time-line will be finishing her ~ November 2019. We have big plans for her & a few other little trailers soon.

… stay tuned for all the adventures!