2016 Year End Garden Roundup - Part 2

The Before

In Part 1 we documented converting the west side of the yard to raised beds.

Of course, the rest of the yard was calling! Time to dig out the Patio ….

I found a posting on Craigslist for free broken concrete! A few texts back & forth & we had a huge pile + extra dirt.

With the help of our friend Dmitry … we dug & laid out the stones in two days…

Finished Patio!


And of course ….. a month later we used the extra stones to finish the path around the house.


So beautiful!

At that point we had to finish the rest of the yard ….. the BBQ area …. the walk ways ….. and creating a yoga / reading patch!

First…. rehabbing the side of the building! We dug up the grass, used the 2 existing waist high raised beds to create a giant nursery. Adam built rain gutter strawberries and we finished the are with stepping stones & mulch.

Next we added a few misc potted plants & bought nematodes for our grub problem! June bug babies galore were wrecking havoc on our new garden. We also went down to the beach and gathered some stones to line our paths! Free dollars!

The last big area of the yard left was the far east patch …… Adam had planted a few tomatoes when he first moved in. We completely converted it to a yoga patch with a mini succulent area.

The last thing we did at the end of 2016 was create a Compost area.

We had initially tried to use cinder blocks we found as mini planter boxes but it was just too hot. Between the bugs munching on the baby plants & the sun… our cinder block patch wasn’t working.

So we moved the blocks outside the fence into the gravel parking lot & created a compost area.

Not especially pretty but hey, we’ve got to save some DIY projects for 2017. <3