Savannah Girls Trip, Part 2 & Shopping

It was girls weekend in Savannah, Georgia.  A historical city full of haunted spirits, gorgeous old stone, cemeteries, mansions, gardens, and trees full of Spanish Moss.

It's no wonder this city is famous for the book/movie, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil."  It's fitting for the entire town.


We stopped in every art house and shop during our daily walks through the squares.


  I wish I had somewhere to wear these extravagant pieces from Zia Couture; abrasive yet feminine.  So cool.


Drink cart sets: art deco meets modern masculine.  This gem was spotted at The Paris Market and Brocante. Their entire store was eye-candy and stunning displays. #storegoals



Sexy and dangerous; a set of Billy French playing cards at SCAD; very Savannah-esque.



24e Design Co is a must stop shop.  I snapped this photo of the day bed swing for my Prince.  If only we had a giant tree in our garden! :)


Oil on canvas. Loved this; is a perfect description of love and it reminds me of my old paintings.


Cute, funny and fun.  A great little art piece: cats + creativity.


My favorite shop of all was the Savannah Bee Company.  I had read about it before we went. I love bees and would love to tend a hive.  Tours of the hives were closed for the weekend but the shop kept plenty of my attention.


 Royal jelly body butters, lotions, meed, honey bar, honey comb, etc.; it was all adorable.

I even adopted my own bee 'Bella!' I hope she's having fun with her bee friends!


We went out dancing our last night and walked by these fresh cut flowers outside a mini-mart.  It reminded me of New York City; all the bodegas do this.

Fresh cut flowers will put a smile on any girls face; every single time. :)


I can't wait to go again.  Savannah will make a perfect romantic weekend as well.