Holiday Date Nights

It must be the holidays!

My little blue convertible sleigh was full of fun passengers all month! Buckle up! :)



I wanted us to make some amazing holiday memories, so I searched San Diego for fun things to do for the holidays and made a 'holiday date night' envelope for each little event.  It was fun to see Adam's expression when I handed him 10 envelopes. :)  I like seeing my sexy man smile.

To kick off the both, we started with a 'toys for tots' shopping date night.  I wasn't sure how Adam would respond to this, but he was the sweetest and matched my budget so we could get double the toys!  We filled up our cart with scooters, helmets, stuffed animals and our favorite toys from when we were kids.  I could have spent at least a thousand bazillion dollars more! It was really fun! :)

We ended up dropping off all the toys with our friend Dmitry after a night seeing the lights at the Encinitas Botanical Garden.  They were both awesome sports wearing santa hats with me. We filled that bin up!

We went to see the holiday lights boat parade.

We went to the tree lighting ceremony in Little Italy.

We watched 'It's a Wonderful Life' at Balboa Theater (best Christmas movie ever!) and then walked around Balboa Park with some of our Danish friends.

And several different nights to go see lights on all the best 'Christmas Streets.'  Apparently this is a very American thing, not surprising; Adam loved it and that's all that mattered.  :)

And of course, a night to dress up: christmas music and dinner.