Butterfly Garden

On New Years Day, Adam was feeling pretty crappy. We had discovered the evening before that there was a butterfly garden nearby. That was the only thing I really wanted to do. So, we went before heading home so Adam could rest up and get better.

It's a giant indoor dome where they have butterfly plants and flowers like milkweed and pollinator flowers.   It was so beautiful and magical!  They import exotic butterflies from sustainable farms around the world and breed them at the sanctuary. They had a few bees but the bee home needed a little more love.

Adam was crazy sick but he was such a sweet sport taking me there. I'm obsessed with planting butterfly friendly and pollinator plants in our garden for spring.  He knew I'd love this place and I did!  I wish I could have read a book or sat and drank a cup of coffee for an hour.

We were both sleep and ready to go home, but it was the best New Years Day ever!

And yes, we drove straight home after that so Adam could get over his cold and get some rest.  Little did I know I was about to get sick in a few days myself. Oh well, that's love. :)