Indoor Plants

Part of my initiative to make our home more healthy, beach-y and cozy was to add plants. I did a little research online as to what plants would work best then headed to the store.

A palm for our bathroom.  I think he makes the room very spa like. :)

Florist Chrysanthemums for the bedroom.

This succulent planter was in impulse buy.  I just loved the silver planter and thought he'd go great on our wooden tray for the bedroom.

A terrarium for my desk at work.   I bought the glass bowl, rocks and plants separately and built this myself. I love it!

And a pineapple plant for home.  I saw this guy at the nursery and had to have him.  He's not doing too well, so we may try to plant him outside.  Cute, nonetheless. :)

And no, don't feed your plants wine. :)