Cupcake Love

For Valentine's Day (the day after really), I wanted to cook cupcakes. Adam's friends were coming from Denmark and I had bought really cute Valentine's Day cupcake papers I wanted to use.  That, and maintenance was working on our stairs again today.  I like to have baked goods to give them to thank them for the amazing job they do too. :)

Okay, honestly, I don't need an excuse to bake or four. :)

I made lemon and mixed berry cupcakes.  I improvised a bit making a vanilla cupcake recipe then adding lemon extract and mixed frozen berries and blending them in a bit.  In my experience, fruit cupcakes or muffins are better if the fruit is dispersed in tiny pieces throughout.



I had to leave before Adam came home, so I left a love note. <3

They turned out super yummy and Adam did the honors of decorating. :)