Candying Flowers

My latest culinary obsession are flowers. I feel like they make the home, garden and kitchen beautiful.  I've purposely been planting edible flowers in our organic backyard garden in order to have them on hand for eating and experimenting.



I wanted to try an experiment in candying flowers.  So, I went to the backyard and picked borage, calendula, violets, pansies, mint, nasturtium, cilantro flowers (coriander), lavender and camellia Japanese.

I washed them and laid them out to dry in the kitchen. So pretty!

I whipped up egg and sugar.  I was fairly certain I needed a more finely chopped crystal sugar but I figured I'd give it a go with what I had on-hand.  I quickly realized I was going to need a much finer paint brush.  Oh well, "Practice."

The sugar went on completely clumpy but they were still pretty.  I've ordered a thin paint brush, will try it again with powdered sugar & egg whites.

Still fun.