Adam's Birthday

In Danish culture, it’s traditional to decorate with Danish Flags for one’s birthday.

Every home and family has a flag they put up outside their home and a lot of tiny little flags for tables and decor. Upon learning this, I set out to give Adam a little taste of home.

But first…. surfing & a stop over to his buddy Jacopo’s Antique shop for a birthday drink. :)

I just walked around and looked at the pretty things in his shop and the neighboring shops while the boys talked.

We went out to dinner that night in Old Town & saw a play at their playhouse … something about a woman on a train, had a bid of an Art Deco 1940s feel… “something limited? I can’t remember. :)

Pretty chill mid week….. but the festivities continued through the weekend….

I tried making traditional puff pastries to decorate which is also a Danish birthday tradition. Snowie the elusive white kitten we are still looking for! So hard to get a pet in California!

That weekend, we went out for a special surprise birthday dinner at Cowboy Star!

I loved loved loved this restaurant! It was SO good! We sat at the chef’s table to watch them cook. Adam loved it!

Adam loved the cake I made so much (traditional cream, vanilla cake & strawberries) that he made a second one that weekend for his friends.

His best surf buddy has a birthday the following week after him, so we did a joint celebration so we could celebrate together. Festivities were at their friends’ restaurant Piazza 1909.