Spring Herb & Veggie Harvest


One of our friends was having a dinner party and requested fresh produce and herbs from our garden for her chef to use.

Nothing brings a smile to our faces like sharing our garden! We loaded her up with all our crazy heirlooms and a little or a lot of whatever we had in season.


We harvested bits of: purple peas, green peas, lemons, mint, onions, kale, celery, golden brown fennel, purple and white flowered pea shoots, oregano, curled parsley, rosemary, lavender, mixed lettuce, fresh coriander, five kinds of thyme: coconut thyme, lemon thyme, red creeping thyme, caraway thyme and french thyme and an assortment of edible flowers: borage, violets, nasturtiums, calendula, pansies, etc...


A close up of the herbs and borage already packed in plastic bags to avoid smashing them.


It was a gorgeous display of our winter garden.

Now that I know that flowers of herbs (and most edible plants) are edible*, I'm obsessed with flowering herbs and plants. It makes the herbs that much more pretty!  The purple leaves in the photo are purple basil, which we've been struggling to grow but hope will take off in the upcoming warm weather! The purple and white flowers are different types of thyme.

*Please do your own research on this, some plants can be poisonous!


A photo of our edible Nasturtiums. We have them growing in three different colors. They're so pretty and I can't wait to make pesto out of them!

And, I want to make more chef friends! If you know any great chefs in San Diego, looking for organic heirloom produce, please send them my way! :)