Long Beach Grand Prix

Sometimes you gotta do things for the man in your life for all the nice times he goes to the ballet or to a flower show with you!

This April that meant a visit to the car track!

I love old cars and Adam loves new cars!   So it wasn’t that bad ….. well the first 10 hours weren’t … okay 2 hours! :)

We would both love to learn to race cars and do track days; I think it's been on both our 'lists' for a long time.  :)  One day, we'll take a master vacation racing cars for a month or two in Monaco. :)  

Until then, 85 hours at the race track! :)

Adam bought us tickets to attend the Toyota Grand Prix in Long Beach.  They converted the downtown streets for the race.  My favorites were the drifting contest, the monster jumping trucks, the old fashion race cars and the watermelon aqua frescas we found at our of the food stands.

They had these crazy trucks that could do tricks and went over huge jumps!

Which I've attempted to make a little 'circles' movie out of.  They were pretty dang fun to watch.

The ocean views weren't bad either. :)