Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Our weekend was amazing.  I bought a new hydrangea and bouquet of pink flowers for our living room.  We added them to the fresh cut flowers we had from our garden turning our living room into an indoor garden.

Friday night we set up to dye our easter eggs.  I bought bunny shaped mac and cheese for a fun easter themed dinner.  One major problem though!  I realized when I went to boil our organic eggs they were brown! ha ha ha. :)  We boiled them anyways and attempted to dye them with the homemade organic dyes I had made.  It didn't work so we just colored them with sharpies which Iā€™m sure are super organic too! :)

The easter bunny came on Easter delivering books, treats and Nurf guns.  The nurf guns pack a ridiculous punch!  We played with them until our house was littered with sponge darts. :)

We did a little gardening in the sunshine, went to brunch, drove around to see all our neighbors roses (which are divine and beautiful!!!), then spent the day relaxing on the couch.