Julian & Desert & Wild Flowers

This past weekend we went on a roadtrip to explore Eastern San Diego.

San Diego’s been in a drought the past 7 years & we’ve finally started getting rain! Borrego Springs & the deserts have been awash with sprouting wildflowers. So we headed east to explore.

After a few hours driving the desert (we didn’t feel much like hiking), we headed over to Julian to explore.

The country outside of Julian is beautiful full of farms & antique shops…

These are apple trees cultivated to grow along the fence for maximum crop harvest.

Pretty cool, they call it Espalier.  It’s a really old & beautiful gardening technique (I’ve been googling it since).

Of course we had to get pies at the Juian pie company.  Which personally, I'd say "skip" - the crust was super processed. My mom made homemade pie often from the two apples trees in our yard. This wasn’t “home made!”

Instead... hit up the countryside for the thrift shops & cute farms!

Or even better - go look at the goats!

& if you’re lucky.. someone might have a baby goat in their shop that they’re nursing to health & let you feed & pet it!  

Country side love! …….. Now I REALLY WANT a Farm! :)