January Update

I think my favorite part about January is the excuse to buy a new notebook & journal! No, I don't need an excuse to buy a new notebook! I heart writing goals... the tabs.... organizing.... with fresh picked flowers from the garden.  <3 <3 <3


Speaking of the garden! :) …. We just found out you can also pick up from compost & soil from the city dump for FREE!

It's not organic & we've been converting our garden to 100% organic, away from all pesticides (took some convincing & a little educating Adam) but .... we decided to try it anyways cause FREE DOLLARS!!!

The last photo above is the left over pile of dirt & rocks we still have after creating our DIY stone patio & path.

& since I usually park out back in the not so cute gravel parking lot and am constantly staring at this not so cute dirt pile… it was time for another DIY, to use some of the left over dirt & rocks to make a little planter bed outside the fence.

First … a trip the nursery! :) I took this photo because I love what they’ve done here!

Future project for under the stairs?



I wanted to pick up some drought tolerant local pollinator plants for the yard… this was my haul.

& yes, I bought some unpractical pretty flowers too. :)

The project was to use the left over rocks from the patio & to create more space to plant!  So.. we created this little row outside the fence & along the stone wall (you can see in the back left of the photo).  We mixed our compost with hay and the new compost & soil mix from the city dump. ..... added some small plants & ta-da!

Tiny but cute! :)



Some photos of the garden today! (Inside the fence.)

It's growing like crazy!

Adam has built a trellis over the fence which we're trying to grow some vines up to shade our patio & craigslist up-cycled dining set.

Our little secret garden ……

Our little secret garden ……

Greens &amp; fresh veggies everywhere!

Greens & fresh veggies everywhere!

Our garden is looking so pretty!

Our garden is looking so pretty!

Urban garden alive &amp; thriving!

Urban garden alive & thriving!

Adam built a pop up - pop down “hat” for the rain gutter strawberries (as our roof as no rain gutters!)

And what our cars look like EVERYTIME we go to the garden nursery store! Bwa ha ha!!!