4 Fun Budget Activities for October

1 - Thrift Store Finds

Thrift stores are not only good for the environment and communities but they’re also FUN & budget friendly! Grab a gal pal, two coffees ‘to go’ & make a Saturday of it. Consignment, vintage or vagabond friendly, thrift stores are excellent for statement pieces and staples alike. Where else can you find a sweater for $5, a one of kind fur jacket for $15 and your Halloween costume for almost free?

2 - Farmer's Market (or a local Farm)

October is the heart of Harvest Season! Local farms are clearing their fields and picking the last of their sun grown bounty. Bargains are abound at farmer’s markets and local farms! Why? They cut out the pricey middle man, not to mention dialing up the freshness factor! When’s the last time you had a true sun ripened tomatoe, picked your own herbs, bought freshly baked sourdough with pumkin butter while sipping hot simmering apple cider? Swoon. Bonus? You won’t be tempted by impulse buys or endless junk food. When the air turns crisp, support your local farmers while keep hundreds of your own hard earned dollars.

3 - Bake Something Pumpkin Spice-y

It’s not October with out pumkin spice EVERYTHING & well lead that band wagon! Chances are, you have everything you need to bake some delicious pumpkin spice cookies, rice pudding or muffins in your pantry already. Dust off that lonely bottle of cinnamon and mix your own pumpkin spice! Low on nutmeg, ginger, allspice and cloves? I’m a HUGE FAN of your local DIY bulk spice corner! (Try Sprouts!) Why buy a $6 bottle of spice when you can custom mix and match your own concoction for pennies on the dollar. Bulk up on flour, sugar, dried fruit, oats and more! The days of spending $800 on baking supplies to make $5 cookies are no more. So, pre-heat that oven and fill your home with warmth of freshly baked goods!

4 - DIY Costumes

I could write 20 blog posts on DIY costumes alone! Not to mention all the money you’ll save googling ideas instead of over-nighting yourself “gifts” from Amazon Prime. Unicorns, pineapples, dia de los meurios, Clueless, beanie babies and animal make up tutorials… the list goes on….. Not the DIY type? No problemo, text your gal pals and ask them what they were last year? Chances are, you can borrow her Khaleesi, Kim K or Katniss costume from last year…. para gratis!