5 Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin This Season (Inside Out)

1 - Hydrate

When the days and nights get chilly and the leaves turn golden, we’re all less likely to grab a bottle of water or cold beverage to go. Indoor air and heat is very drying to your skin. It’s this time of year when your body and skin need hydration the best yet drinking lots of liquid is the last thing on our minds. While your morning tea & coffee is a start, decaffeinated liquids should be consumed throughout the day. The more hydrated you are, the more hydrated your skin is, which means more of the coveted dewy glow.

Tip: I love sipping hot water with lemon! It glams up my water a bit and I can sip it cup after cup to keep my fingers and body warm! The Vitamin C & alkaline properties are an extra bonus too. Food prep by slicing a lemon into wedges and carrying it with you in a small plastic bag. It's super easy to grab a lemon slices anytime and pop it into a mug of boiling water.

2 - Pumpkins & Spice

No veggie is more synonymous with autumn then pumpkin & squash! These super budget friendly vegetables are inexpensive, can store in a cool dry place for months and are full of energizing vitamins and minerals. From Vitamins A, B6, K, Magnesium, Potassium, Fiber or Folate; these decorative staples are nutritional powerhouses. Cooking them is super simple and they’ll make your skin glow! Are you a lover of pumpkin spice? Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, All Spice; there herbs have been known for centuries as natural antibacterials. You can rub them directly into your skin for an indulgent sugar scrub or consume them for a healthy gut. The benefits of these herbs and tinctures have been well documented through out the ages and give root to many modern medicines. So, pass the pumpkin spice and indulge in healthy harvest traditions for beautiful skin this fall. '

Tip: Buy a variety of 5 - 10 different pumpkins & squash to use as seasonal decor on your patio, porch or indoor shelves. Once a week, chop one in half, drizzle it with olive oil and bake it covered in tin foil. Voila! It will warm your house and your wallet! Ground lamb of turkey with a little yogurt makes an extra hearty meal. Try smoked paprika or cinnamon + nutmeg for an extra flavor boost over traditional salt and pepper.

3 - Stay Moving

October is the official kick off of Netflix and Chill season; no? I know it takes ten times the will power to get me out from under my covers on a chilly morning. But this year, let’s make a fall resolution to move (and not wait for New Years)! Try out that class you’ve been eyeing, join a morning run meet up or a after work kick ball group. Sweating it out means soft, youthful skin as it boosts cell regeneration.

Tip: Give hot yoga a try! When you’re defrosting your toes and face, entered a hot steamy room like the jungle is THE BEST! The contrast to the cold weather is invigorating and makes the cool air seem fresh and welcoming.

4 - Veggie Up your Comfort Foods!

Mmmmmm autumn comfort food!  Soup, pot pies, roasted root veggies, cookies, muffins and cakes! Indulgences can be savory as well as sweet. Adding vegetables to your favorite comfort foods is easy and helps your wallet as well as your waistline. Making cookies? Toss is some oats, pumpkin seeds an dried cranberries. Making soup? Chop up an extra head of broccoli or cauliflower. Making a roast? Throw in carrots, beets and fresh springs of thyme to fill up on. The more vitamins, minerals and nutrients you consume, the better your skin will look.

Tip: A lot of vegetable stalks, leaves and flowers are edible and delicious! Don’t throw half of your veggies away, use every ‘odd’ inch in your dishes. If you’re still hesitant, place leftover veggie or meat scraps in 1 gallon freezer bags. Once full, boil the contents on low heat for 2 hours to make your own homemade broth.

5 - Meditation (Light)

If you’re thinking, OMG, I can’t be a Buddist master sitting alone in total silence chanting exaggerated "OMs" for an hour a day, you’re not alone. Who has the time or the attention span for that? There are many ways to "Meditate", it's not a one size fits all practice. Try a little of this, test that, adjust and figure out what works for you. “Meditating” can be journal-ing, listening to classical music, a long trail run or a slow walk around the block. It’s an opportunity to clear your head, relax, and let go of your daily list of worries. When you find what works for you, incorporate it into your daily or weekly routine. Meditating takes many forms but all will boost body benefits of lower stress levels, higher brain function and help manifest a healthy' ‘inner glow’. 

TIp: Set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier than you got up yesterday. Place your toothbrush, journal and your favorite warm blanket across the room with your phone. When your alarm goes off, grab your toothbrush and head to the bathroom for your morning re-fresh (without snoozing). Then, cuddle up in your blanket with your journal, set a timer for 10 minutes and spend this time writing your intentions for the day. Write 5 things your grateful for, 5 long term goals, 5 short term goals, 5 desires for your current lifestyle and end with the 1 single most important thing you can do today to achieve those goals. If you have any extra time, try some deep breaths and empty mind traditional mediation. When your timer goes off - you’ve done it! Meditation complete!

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