9 Life Changing Organization Hacks

1 - Make Your Bed Each Morning

The key to a productive life is creating positive and productive habits. To create a new habit, you must make it a part of your routine. Making your bed first thing in the morning is the world’s easiest way to create new routine! Not only does it make for a clear clean space physically, but neat and organized spaces help create mental clarity as well. The bonus? It's also an accomplishment that will boost your sense of achievement. Soooo simple, yet such an effective little action!

2 - Re-Write Your To Do List Over Morning Coffee

Everyone has one, the looming, never ending ‘to do list’. While I'm a huge fan of calendaring over 'to do lists', I still review and update my own list daily. Once I'm in the office (or situated at home), I boot up my computer, clear vital & junk emails then settle in with my notebook and a nice oversized cup of coffee. I look over yesterday's list; feeling satisfied about all the crossed out lines, and then rewrite my list. The sole reason for this rewrite? To review and re-prioritize my list. I ask myself, what's the single most important item I complete today? That item goes on top as #1 with #2 under it and so forth. "Busy" low value tasks go on the bottom of the list to be completed later in the day or booted completely off my list if not necessary.

3 - Schedule Your Daily Cell Phone Use

Is your relationship with your cell phone distracting or satisfying? That magic screen that brings us updates from loved ones, romantic texts and beautiful inspiration from our favorite fashion blogger or chef. Considering all the desires and dreams our handheld devices contain these days, it’s no wonder so many of us have a emotional or dependent relationship with our phones! My hack? Except texting or phone calls, you know, the actual phone functions, limit your screen time to twice a day. Set your own personal time limit twice a day and indulge down that rabbit hole.  Me personally? I post in the mornings while still warm under the covers and allow myself an hour to indulge scrolling and swiping in lieu of snoozing. I take my second hour after work while unwinding at home. All other times are a no-go, which believe me, I still find myself picking up my phone and launching Instagram without realizing I'm doing it! Trust me! It's a hard but rewarding habit to break.

4 - Have a Weekly Meeting with Yourself

Ya’ll ready for this? May I present the ultimate luxurious self care MUST, the ‘self check in’ meeting! This one's easy-peasy, and doesn’t have to be an actual ‘meeting’ per se. Just, pick a time each week free of distractions, schedule a 1 hour reoccurring meeting on your calendar and hold yourself to it. How you spend this time is up to you as long as you’re actually checking in with yourself: your feelings, your dreams, you goals, your desires. Grab a glass of wine, a bowl of ice-cream or a bubble bath. Do whatever feels luxurious or right for you. Not sure what to reflect on? Try these 3 questions: 1 - How are you feeling about your life? 2 - What do you desire deeply in your heart of hearts. 3 - What makes you unequivocally happy? Try this for a few months and watch the magic happen!

5 - Plan 6 Months Ahead

90% of people think setting their alarm is planning ahead. While it certainly is, to conquer life you’re going to have to pull yourself out of the day to day and get strategic with your time and objectives. This is going to require a little strategic thinking. Your life may be super busy now, but how much of your time and energy is focused on just getting through the day? Start thinking like a CEO. Where do you want your life to be in 6 months? What about a year from now? What drastic daily changes and mindsets need to occur to get there. If 6 months from now you want to have $5,000 saved; where does that require you to be 3 months from now? 1 month from now? 1 week from now? Focusing strategically on your own life will be life changing.

What life changing hacks to you recommend?