How to Save the Amazon

Amazon Rainforest is on Fire.jpg

With the Amazon rainforest all a blaze these past two weeks, there’s been a LOT of social media coverage about this sad event.

I found myself reading posts about how the Amazon provides 20% of Earth’s oxygen, Instagram re-posts on #SavetheAmazon, where to make contributions and the large companies/ governments responsible. I clicked to share and re-post but something didn’t feel AUTHENTIC about it. My inner voice said, “reposting viral content does NOT equal ACTION.” It felt ‘empty’ you know? I wanted to DO something.

I thought about the latest ban straws movement and how I loved my plastic disposable straws. Guilt ripped through me for the glass almond butter jars I didn’t recycle this past weekend, how my trash cans are always full of who knows what (like seriously - where does all this trash come from!?), all those cardboard boxes from my Amazon orders! I mean, how many actually get recycled? Sure, I have an organic garden and OMG if everyone on the planet did THAT —> What an impact it would make! …. But… reposting one of these posts just felt IDK like self riotous ‘passing the buck?’

Fast forward to yesterday… 6:30 AM beach run with a girl friend and she explains she just packed REAL silverware to take to work. My mind immediately went to the 365 plastic utensils I throw away EVERY day, EVERY year x 7 billion people living on this planet (my mind was pouring 1 million plastic forks from a dump truck onto the ground) and a light bulb went off! Ah HA! THIS I can DO! This would make an impact! This is actionable & sustainable! I LOVE THIS!

So… today, I oh so proudly packed myself some REAL silverware for my desk job! I pulled one of my cute reuse-able water bottles out of the cupboard and packed that too!


I wanted to share this because small actions by hundreds of thousands of real people = REAL CHANGE.

Saving the Amazon, why the Amazon is on fire, living a plastic free or sustainable lifestyle it’s in EVERY one of our individual powers to do. WE are ALL a part of humanity. We are humanity. What we do as individuals collectively = every actual outcome to our world and planet. Does that make sense?

We VOTE every day with our actions, our dollars, with what we buy, what we watch, what we give time, energy and our voice (or posts) to. If you really care, sure, re-post those images! But then … DO SOMETHING…because “Do-ing” is what life is actually about.

Action is the mother of success.

So yes, I packed my silverware and I really hope this inspires you to do the same!

I thought of a few other super easy, actionable steps I could take TODAY to Save the Amazon; here’s what I came up with

  • take quick, cool showers (easy summer win)

  • grow something (kitchen herbs on your window seal are the PERFECT starter plant) Kill it? That’s okay. Buy another one & try again.

  • buy local

  • eat your veggies! (I love burgers & steaks but these are treats, not my daily staple)

  • reduce your waste (My current challenge, is eating all the food I already have in my fridge & cupboards! There’s a TON!)

  • pack a cute water bottle with you - carry it EVERYWHERE!

  • pack a set of real silverware & take it to your job

  • purchase re-usable containers & bees-wrap to wrap your food in

  • hit up your local farmers market this weekend

  • keep reusable grocery bags or plastic bags in the trunk of your car (you’ll have them when you need them!)

  • find your personal fashion STYLE and then buy or thrift clothes that you’ll wear year after year.

That’s my list! Weigh in with your favorite GREEN, sustainable tips and tricks on my Instagram HERE.

And remember, every outcome of what is happening in the Amazon or elsewhere is the product of YOUR consumer habits. Until YOU change, until I change, nothing is going to change.