Book Club & Money Mindset

Happy November babes! Isn’t November such an exciting month! Fiery orange trees, sweater weather, warm lavender lattes, and Thanksgiving! It’s the official kick off to the holidays!

A new month means a new mindset and with it an opportunity to set goals to become the ultimate badass babe you are!

Each month I’m going to sharing a book I’m reading. Yup! My own digital book club sort to speak. I’ll be exploring classic titles as well as new ones. My goal is to be a Wealth Babe! I believe that life is about financial freedom & keen business sense, but it’s also about a life of abundance, opportunity, health, happiness and love!

For our inagural book club, we're kicking it all off with Jen Sincero's, "You are a Badass! How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life!" You're going to love, love, LOVE this sassy self help guide. Jen is a New York Times Bestselling author and a success coach who is fresh, funny and fantastic! If you don't already own this book, pick it up from your local library for free, or order your copy from Amazon here.

Our November Bookclub pick

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If you've been looking for an opportunity to be fun, fearless and in control of your finances and destiny; you've found your tribe! Grab your gal pals and join us! November Goals here we come!

- StevieANn aka (WEalth Babe!) :)