StevieAnn Nance

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Pretty Things + Passive Income….

Boutique Real Estate Investor, garden babe, cake baker, dreamer, creator, designer, lover of flower crowns and long flowy dresses, do-er and DIY not? <3



StevieAnn was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She grew up gardening, crafting, baking and ballet. Her mother, a math professor, was exceptionally passionate about education and rented library rooms to teach her children about money while enrolling them in community classes on speed-reading and “mind hacks.”

StevieAnn moved to New York City in her early 20s, traveled extensively to 30+ countries and experienced the full ‘NYC lifestyle.’

But after 12 years in the big city, ‘The West’ kept calling…..

She moved to San Diego, California in 2014 where she met her husband, Adam Bennike a Danish Entrepreneur & love of her life.

Here in sunny California, a new chapter in her life began embracing ‘slow living’, a reconnection with nature, a pursuit of passive income and happiness.


This is my journey. May it inspire you as it’s inspired me.